A-1 Real Estate Investments, LLC


A-1 Real Estate Investments, LLC

A- 1 Real Estate Investments is engaged in the acquisition and ownership of real estate investment properties throughout the United States. A-1 employs opportunistic strategies to invest in real estate. Its primary asset type is residential properties.

All of A-1’s investments are made with an underwriting focus based on fee ownership.  Whether the investment is structured as equity, debt or a hybrid, A-1’s understanding of what it takes to successfully own and manage real estate assets allows it to thoroughly underwrite properties and assess the risks inherent to any business plan.

Multifamily Acquisition Criteria

Markets: Nationwide

    • Duplex, tri-plex and quadro-plex
    • A to C+” quality
    • Stabilized, rehab or value-added opportunities
    • Stabilized 25-150+ units
    • Garden Style & High-rise
    • HUD Homes for Rent


CONTACT US at info@a1realestinvest.com

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