Our Philosophy

miscpage02_imageOur Guiding Philosophy

Recognizing that each client is unique, these guiding principles direct our work for every project:

  • Create value.  The goals of our client  remain at the forefront of every project plan, development initiative and community engagement process. In this context, providing superior performance and working to build long-term relationships helps develop loyalty and create real value.
  • Build partnerships.  Housing and communities are best served when strong partnerships are formed. From neighborhood representatives and municipal officials to private sector and State and Federal officials, when the resources  are leveraged, successful developments are achievable.
  • Respect the process.  To achieve financially viable projects and healthy, sustainable communities, every stakeholder must be involved in the strategic planning and community engagement process.
  • Growth through learning from the past.  Planning and financial implementation must be informed by first-hand experience and best practices on the national, state and local levels. When a project has concluded, we gain additional knowledge and enhance our capacity to promote positive change and growth.


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